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When you create a new map, the Map Designer tab opens. ; Select an object from the Device Tree section on the left. ; Drag and drop an object from the Properties. With the PRTG Geo Maps feature you can visualize geographical information To do so, open the PRTG Map Designer (either in an existing map or create a. Using the AJAX-based map editor, you can place the items anywhere on the map, Users who want to access the map either need an account in your PRTG.

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1. Add a map · Select Maps | Add Map from the main menu to open the Add Map · Enter a meaningful Map Name. · Enter the Map Width and the Map Height in pixels. Use the Map Designer to create a map web page representing your network. icon-i-round This documentation refers to the PRTG System Administrator user accessing. Note: · Note: · Go to all maps · Use a Proper Browser · not · Basic Design Concept · Map Designer · Device Tree Selection.

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Due to the map designer's extensive scripting capability, it is important that you use a compatible browser when editing maps. We recommend that you use. To do so, open the PRTG Map Designer (either in an existing map or create a new one) and click Geo Maps in the properties menu on the right. Please see Map Designer section. Settings. Click on the Settings tab to open a map's general settings. Note: When using the Add Map dialog, not all of these.