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Our most powerful axial airmover. Drive air through ft. (38 m) or more of ducting to ventilate areas during remodels, new construction, manufacturing or. Wide range of heavy duty air blower, air mover models, drum fan and pedestal fans. Built from industrial parts and components. Added new axial fan with. XPOWER's M Axial Air Mover features a mg/hour ozone generator and a brushless DC motor for ultimate energy efficiency and powerful extended airflow.

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XPOWER PAR Industrial Axial Air Mover, Blower, Fan with Build-in Power Outlets for Water Damage Restoration, Home and Plumbing Use - 1 Amp, CFM, 4. Daisy-chain up to four Phoenix Axial Air Movers on a single circuit. • Integral circuit breaker eliminates nuisance trips to the breaker box. • Axial Air Mover. Often referenced to as axial air movers or axial blowers, axial fans are industrial fans in which its blades increase the velocity of air passing across its.

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Air Mover Fan - Axial fans have revolutionized water restoration and the Focal Point is the next evolutionary step in axial fans. Difference Between Centrifugal and Axial Air Movers. The difference between the centrifugal air mover and the axial fan is that the air fills the inlet area. The Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover's operator interface is conveniently located for easy access, featuring: power indicator lamp, three-position switch.