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Laboratory Homogenizers. Ultra High Pressure | 5 من المتابعين على LinkedIn. Small scale, high versatility fully featured systems with pressures to psi. Suitable for a variety of scenarios such as homogenizer, laboratory. This machine is mainly used for homogenizer, laboratory and other industrial equipment. In. Homogenizing tools for laboratory research. A lab homogenizer is used for breaking apart cellular structures so their latent components may be extracted.

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Our benchtop high-pressure homogenizers provide capabilities for cell rupture, liposomes emulsions, and dispersions in a laboratory setting. A wide range of laboratory homogenizers is ideal for the treatment of nanoparticles, Nano dispersions, Nano emulsions, and cell disruption. found in: PRO® Laboratory Homogenizers, Dispersing Aggregates/Generators for Polytron® Homogenizers, BeadBug™ 6 Position Homogenizer, SAMIX™ Mixer.

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You can achieve fully reproducible results for emulsions, dispersions or cell disruption that can be applied to full-scale production. The homogenizer. "The FBF laboratory homogenizer is equipped with two pumping pistons. This feature allows the homogenization tested to work with greater stability in the. Homogenizers, Laboratory BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Homogenizer (Benchmark Scientific). Item No.: easyMIX® Lab Blender (AES-Chemunex).