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Only laboratory testing can detect them. While there is no state requirement to have your well water tested (although there may be from your mortgage lender or. Definition of TEST THE WATER(S) (phrase): try to find out what people think. Test-the-water Sentence Examples. Near the base of the ctenidium is a patch of sensory epithelium innervated from the branchial nerve, forming a sense-.

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'Susie Rae, of Ski Scotland, said: 'We have limited the tickets because we are just testing the water to see if there is a demand out there.''. The quality and safety of drinking water is of great concern to many Americans today because of an increased interest in health and environmental quality. This. Request a Water Test Kit for Lead. Check your plumbing and fixtures for lead. Free for customers in the following water districts.

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Even if there is no visible sign of a problem, producers can use the low range ammonia nitrogen test kit to determine if there is ammonia in the water. The. Plenty of contaminants could be lurking in your water supply without your knowledge, including lead or harmful bacteria that can cause serious health issues. Alberta Health Services Environmental Public Health (EPH) will only test water samples that come from a water supply that people use for drinking, like your.