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Thus the wrong tooth is sometimes extracted when the dentist is asked to remove teeth for orthodontic purposes, especially in patients who are in mixed. This dental malpractice claim was filed in St. Mary's County when a dentist extracted the wrong tooth. It was filed in Health Claims Arbitration on January. Removal of a crown or other restoration from the wrong tooth To effectively manage the risk of wrong tooth claims, dentists.

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PLLC settles Virginia Dental Malpractice Case for $, after wrong teeth extracted she went to see her dentist about some stubborn baby teeth. That tooth had been extracted by defendant prior to the events here involved. The defendant is a dentist and oral surgeon. No mistake was made. That is right! Sometimes a dentist will accidentally pull the wrong tooth. This takes a healthy tooth out of a person's mouth and leaves the damaged tooth in.

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If you've suffered because a negligent dentist pulled the wrong tooth you may be entitled to claim for wrong tooth extraction compensation. If you have had the wrong tooth extracted by a dentist, you may be entitled to claim compensation. The dental negligence lawyers at Jefferies are on-hand to. Bearing in mind that the tooth which was incorrectly taken out is likely to be adjacent to the tooth still due for extraction, the resulting gap in your teeth.