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Bronze foliage is one of the most commonly identified "afflictions" of yew generally There are a number of reasons as to why yew hedge plants go bronze. Yews are a pretty tolerant shrub. It grows in pretty much any well drained type of soil and have known pest www.chel-olimp.rue yews grown new foliage on old wood. When put under certain stress conditions, it is a common problem for yew hedges to turn brown. There are many reasons why this may occur.

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Yew hedging, also known as taxus baccata, is one of the most highly valued hedges on the market, guaranteeing to add value instantly to any garden. Hicks Yew (Taxus x media 'Hicksii') are American-bred, upright, evergreen hedges. Yew hedge has extremely dense growth, perfect for a tall hedge. More Varieties of Yew · 'Green Wave' Yew · Golden English Yew · Hicks Yew · 'Densiformis' Yew · 'Capitata' Yew · Irish Yew · Taunton Yew.

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Taxus spp Hedge, Topiary, Yew, Leaves, Foliage, Texture, Green. Other Name. common yew. Sun Requirements. full sun, part sun. This native evergreen tree or shrub has long been popular in gardens, often clipped to form hedging or topiary. As a hedge, large or small, it forms a year-. Yew hedges are very popular around the world. Planted for so many years in Europe, Yew has many features and benefits that make it a great garden hedge and have.