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When shipping luggage or other fragile or unique items, we can handle all the packing for you to ensure protection and peace of mind. Follow these steps to. So if you have a few items of personal effects to send overseas, luggage or baggage, we can arrange to collect, ship and deliver your goods worldwide. Shipping luggage ahead allows you to avoid hauling extra bags, skip bag check and customs, and arrive with your stuff waiting for you. Our World Baggage Network.

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Shipping your luggage and baggage is easy with PSS Choose the size and quantity of cartons required & get an online quote in 60 seconds. We deliver export-. If you're moving overseas or vacationing in a faraway location, sending your luggage ahead by sea allows you to travel unencumbered as your belongings. With Gandhi International Shipping's service you can choose to send your baggage by sea, air or road to destinations in Europe, Asia, America.

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Use Sea Freight to Ship Unaccompanied Baggage Shipping excess baggage is the most cost effective way to send extra luggage overseas from the United Kingdom. Sending excess baggage in advance is a popular option for those that don't want to pay expensive airline fees. Our sea freight service is an efficient and. Other excess baggage can also be shipped with Luggage Mule such as bikes, golf clubs and ski's. To ship your sports equipment, simply place it within a travel.